Beach House White Sand Oak 8 mm. Laminate Floor

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Beach House White Sand Oak
Extra Wide Plank 8 mm. Laminate Floor

The Beach House White Sand Oak 8 mm. Laminate Floor is made with an inviting natural wood finish that feels completely real. These beautiful planks come with a clear grade European White Oak print on them that makes them look super modern, yet very warm and welcoming. The distinct white oak grain and character marks, like knots and wormholes printed on the design  provide a hyper realistic look that will make anyone believe they are real wood floors.

Each plank of the Beach House White Sand Oak comes with a V-groove bevel on all its four sides to highlight each plank independently for a nice contemporary pattern. The extra wide and long planks provide stability and beauty to your floors. These planks are 8.3 mm. or about 5/16 inches. Because of its narrow profile, these planks are perfect for jobs where installing on top of tiles is necessary. These floors are deemed safe and non-toxic as per the CARB Phase II compliant.

Product Overview

  • The planks measure 19.5 x 120 cm. which is approximately 7-1/2 inches wide by 48 inches long.
  • Each box contains 8 planks and covers approximately 20.45 sq ft.
  • There are 70 boxes and 1431.50 square feet per pallet. Each pallet weighs approximately 2225 lbs.
  • The planks of this floor come with a v-groove on all four sides.
  • It comes with a nice soft feeling texture that simulates an unfinished wood texture.
  • The variation from plank to plank is moderately visible.
  • These floors are AC4 rated which makes them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Excellent for high traffic areas for residential purposes. Suitable for low traffic areas in commercial settings.
  • The manufacturer of this product recommends an underlayment with moisture barrier.
  • There are matching transition moldings for this floor, including t-molding, reducers and flush stair noses.
  • Flush stair noses provide a cleaner and modern look to your staircase and they reduce the risk of tripping.

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