Duomo Blanco Porcelain Tile

Product Overview
  • Extra large format 24" x 48" with rectified edges.
  • Also available in 12" x 24" with non-rectified edges
  • Beautifully modern satin matte finish.



Duomo Blanco by STN Ceramics
Porcelain Tile Made in Spain

The Duomo Blanco Porcelain Tile that simulates gorgeous white carrara marble. It comes with a soft matte finish thats easy to clean and beautiful to look at. The ultra large format tiles come with rectified edges to minimize grout lines and achieve a truly seamless marble-looking surface. Designed and manufactured in Spain by STN Ceramics under strict quality controls that significantly reduce the bowing rate that is inherent to porcelain tile manufacturing. These tiles are highly durable and rated accordingly. They’re more than adequate for high traffic areas in residential applications and in some cases, even on commercial settings. The manufacturer of this tile recommends installing the tiles with 1/8th of inch grout line. A smaller grout line can be achieved with minimal “lippage” with a leveling-spacers installation system. Never install large-format porcelain tiles on a “brick pattern” or 50% offset pattern without a tile-levelling spacer system.

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