Soma Blanco 24 x 48 Porcelain Tile

Product Overview
  • Diamond-polished finish.
  • Extra large 24" x 48" format with rectified edges.
  • PEI 4 rated for great durability.
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Soma Blanco 24 x 48
Polished Porcelain Tile Made in Spain

Geotiles presents its beautiful new series of Large Format and Polished Porcelain Tiles with its Soma Blanco 24 x 48. You can enhance the look of your floors or walls with a stunning Marble pattern accentuated by a high definition design thats pleassing yet powerful. The precisely machined and rectified edges allow you to minimize the grout lines between tiles and let you achieve a gorgeous and seamless surface with almost no interruptions. These tiles are highly durable and rated PEI IV by the Porcelain Enamel Institute. They’re more than suitable for low and high traffic areas in residential applications and in some cases, even on commercial settings. The manufacturer of this tile recommends installing the tiles with 1/8th of inch grout line. A smaller grout line can be achieved with minimal “lippage” with a leveling-spacers installation system. Never install large-format porcelain tiles on a “brick pattern” or 50% offset pattern without a tile-levelling spacer system.

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