Legend Sand 8 x 48 Porcelain Wood Look Tile

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Legend Sand 8 x 48
Porcelain Wood Look Tile Made in Italy

The Legend Sand 8 x 48 is a Porcelain Wood Look Tile has a spectacular time-worn texture,  the same kind of texture present in reclaimed wood. These gorgeous tiles come with plenty of character marks, realistic knots, and high contrasts. Which are the true signs of materials deeply transformed by the passing of time. Because of the extra wide and long planks, the installer can achieve a series of modern patterns that will make any room look amazing. And the rectified edges provide an even surface look throughout your floors, as well as barely visible grout lines.

Ariana Ceramica is a brand of ABK Group, the manufacturer the tile. They create innovative products under the highest quality controls. This collection is a true sign of that. These tiles are made with an ultra thin construction. That combined with a patented recipe of polymer-based materials allow the tiles to be “flexible”. This means an easier installation with minimum grout lines. It also reduces lippage to virtually nothing, even when not using a leveling system. Ariana recommends installing the planks with a maximum offset of 20%. But it also allows a 50% or brick pattern because of the flexible properties of the product. A 15 to 20% offset is optimal to achieve a real hardwood pattern. These tiles are more than adequate for high traffic areas in residential and commercial settings.

Product Overview

  • The planks measure 20 x 120 cm. which is approximately 8 inches wide by 48 inches long.
  • Each box contains 6 pieces and covers 15.50 sq ft. and weighs 61.50 lbs.
  • There are 36 boxes and 558 square feet per pallet. Each pallet weighs approximately 2205 lbs.
  • Rectified edges provide an even surface look on the joints or grout lines.
  • These tiles come with a lot of splits, knots and veins; as well as a somewhat distressed or time-worn texture.
  • The variation from plank to plank is moderately visible.
  • Excellent for high traffic areas for residential purposes. Suitable for high traffic areas in commercial settings.
  • This tile is frost resistance. The manufacturer recommends a maximum offset of 25%.
  • The manufacturer also recommends a minimal grout line of 1/8 in.
  • Doing a 1/16 in. grout line or smaller can cause some unevenness or lippage between tiles if not done properly.
  • These tiles can installed using multi-purpose thin-set or regular mortar cement.

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