Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat CS Underlayment



Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat CS

Sound Control and Crack Suppression Membrane for Ceramic, Stone and Porcelain Tiles.

Whisper Mat CS is a self-adhesive sheet membrane engineered to minimize the transmission of impact and airborne sounds while providing isolation for “finished” flooring from subfloor cracks. It is specifically designed for applications with ceramic and natural stone tiles where sound absorption is necessary, specified, or preferred. The mat is crafted from a cross-linked polyolefin foam sheet, featuring a robust rubberized adhesive and a polyester mesh fabric. Whisper Mat CS offers both flexibility and strength to endure structural movement and concrete shrinkage cracks of up to 3/8″, without transferring stress loads to the finished tile. Moreover, its outstanding moisture-resistant properties establish it as the most comprehensive underlayment product available for ceramic and natural stone installations.

  • Sound Reduction Ratings: 
    • 6″ Concrete Slab without Ceiling Assembly: IIC 50 – STC 55
    • 8″ Concrete Slab without Ceiling Assembly: IIC 51 – STC 56
    • 8″ Concrete Slab with Ceiling Assembly: IIC 72 – STC 72
    • Sound Transmission Reduction:  Delta IIC 22
  • Moisture Barrier Properties (Moisture Resistant)
  • Crack Issolation Properties (Anti-Fracture Resistant to 3/8″)
  • Light Commercial Load Rating
  • Approved over Radiant Heated Subfloors
  • Uniquely Thin System (110 mil or approximately 2.8 mm)
  • Economical (up to 50% less than separately employing a crack supression membrane, a moisture barrier and cork underlayment for sound control)

Additional Information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 38.50 × 10 × 10 m

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