Experience the magic of transformation with our premium range of moldings. Our meticulously crafted moldings are more than just functional, they are the finishing touches that elevate your floors to an art form.


Baseboards are decorative moldings that serve as visual transitions between the wall surface and the floor. Their purpose is to cover the expansion gap that is needed between the wall and the flooring surface. It can also be used to cover uneven edges of flooring next to the wall; and protect the wall from kicks, abrasions, and furniture.


Casings are decorative moldings (also spelled mouldings in the United Kingdom) used to finish trim around the sides of interior door or windows openings. They cover the gap between the finished wall and the jam (jamb) or frame it is attached to.


Crown moldings are designed to gracefully flare out to a finished top edge. Crown molding is generally used for capping walls, pilasters, and cabinets, and is used extensively in the creation of interior and exterior cornice assemblies and door and window hoods.


Quarter rounds and Base shoes are small gauge and relatively flexible molding profiles. They’re typically used at the lower edge of the baseboard to hide any gaps between it and a floor. It can also be used as a decorative build-up element in mantels and other architectural features.