Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW Underlayment

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Protecto Wrap Whisper Mat HW

Sound Control and Crack Suppression Membrane for Engineered Hardwood Floors, Laminate and Parquet Flooring.

Sound Control and Moisture-Resistant Membrane for Engineered Hardwood, Parquet, and Laminate Flooring Whisper Mat HW presents itself as a peel-and-stick impermeable sheet membrane that effectively diminishes the transmission of impact and airborne sounds, while also serving as a reliable moisture and vapor barrier. Specifically crafted for application with engineered wood planks, wood parquet, and laminate floors, it finds its utility in situations where sound control is a necessity or preference. Comprising a sound-dampening foam sheet paired with a potent rubberized adhesive, Whisper Mat HW seamlessly integrates sound absorption attributes with moisture-resistant capabilities, establishing it as a top-notch system for optimizing the performance of flooring installations.

  • Sound Reduction Ratings: 
    • 8″ Concrete Floor with a gypsum board ceiling assembly: IIC 72 STC 71
    • 8″ Concrete Floor with no ceiling: IIC 55 STC 53
    • 6″ Concrete Floor with no ceiling: IIC 51 STC 52
    • 16″ Open Web Truss IIC 54 STC 54
    • Sound Transmission Reduction:  Delta IIC 22
  • Protects flooring from subfloor moisture/vapor emissions
  • Approved over radiant heated subfloors
  • More affordable than comparable solutions.
  • Easy, installer-friendly installation process.
  • Uniquely thin system (1/8″)
  • Commercial and residential applications.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 38.50 × 10 × 10 m

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