Aequa Castor 12 x 48 Porcelain Wood Look Tile

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Aequa Castor 12 x 48
Porcelain Wood Tile Made in Italy

The Aequa Castor 12 x 48 is a high end wood-looking porcelain tile with rectified edges. It comes on a stunningly large format of 12 x 48 with an amazingly real distressed wood texture. This porcelain tile collection is designed and manufactured in Italy by Castelvetro Tiles to perform at the highest industry standards. These tiles are subject to strict quality controls to make sure they are free of defects, and to achieve consistency in size and tonality.

With a PEI Class IV rating, this floor is more than adequate for high traffic areas in residential applications, and is suitable for commercial settings. The manufacturer recommends installing the tiles with at least 1/8th of inch grout line. A smaller grout line (i.e. 1/16th in.) can be achieved with a leveling-spacer installation system such as our LASH system. These tiles can be installed on a variety of layouts, including straight, diagonal and even herringbone pattern. Never install porcelain tiles on a “brick pattern” or 50% offset pattern, doing so will accentuate the “bowing” effect of the porcelain tiles. For more information about this product please Contact Us.

Product Overview

  • Each tile is approximately 12 by 48 inches or exactly 30 by 120 centimeters.
  • Each box contains 4 tiles for a total coverage of 15.49 sq ft and weighs 71 lbs.
  • There are 35 boxes and 542.15 square feet per pallet. Each pallet weighs approximately 2550 lbs.
  • Rectified edges help minimize grout lines and provide and even surface look.
  • These tiles come with a matte finish that simulates a distressed wood texture.
  • The color variation from tile to tile is noticeable (V3).
  • Excellent for high traffic areas for residential purposes. Suitable for commercial applications.
  • This tile is frost resistance that allows for covered outdoor applications.
  • Do not install in brick pattern or 50% offset. Doing so will accentuate the bowing that is inherent to tile manufacturing.
  • When installing this floor, a minimal grout line of 1/8 in. is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Doing a 1/16 in. grout line or smaller can cause some unevenness or “lippage” between tiles if not done properly.
  • The manufacturer recommends using a multi-purpose polymer-based thin-set. A type-s mortar may be necessary for significantly non leveled sub-floors.

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