Keln Haya 9 x 48 Porcelain Wood Look Tile

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Keln Haya 9 x 48
Rectified Porcelain Wood Look Tile Made in Spain

The Keln Haya 9 x 48 gorgeous wood-look porcelain tile planks provide a look of welcoming hardwood floors with incredible durability and unbelievable affordability. This unique and highly varied wood-look tile comes with an outstanding 42 unique faces on the design. No other tile in the industry offers that. This incredible amount of unique plank designs ensures minimal pattern repetition and prevents your floors from looking cheap and unrealistic. Ultra HD (high definition) inkjet printing technology ensure realistic hardwood-like visuals and the perfectly rectified edges provide a seamless surface and allow for minimal grout lines that make your new floors look clean and modern.

Alaplana Ceramica, the manufacturer recommends these tiles to be installed with a maximum offset of 25%. Yet a 15 to 20% offset is optimal to achieve a real hardwood-like pattern. These tiles are rated within the Group Bla for porcelain properties and they’re more than adequate for high traffic areas in residential spaces and moderate traffic areas in commercial settings.

Product Overview

  • The planks measure 23 x 120 cm. which is approximately 9 inches wide by 48 inches long.
  • Each box contains 4 pieces and covers 11.85 sq ft. and weighs about 48.50 lbs.
  • There are 54 boxes and 639.90 square feet per pallet. Each pallet weighs approximately 2700 lbs.
  • The rectified edges allow for an even surface look on the joints.
  • Grout lines or joint expansion gaps should always be present on every porcelain tile installation.
  • The manufacturer recommends grout lines of 1/8 in. and the use of a tile-leveling spacers.
  • Doing a 1/16 in. grout line or smaller can cause surface unevenness or lippage.
  • The shade variation from plank to plank is noticeable (V3).
  • Excellent for high traffic areas for residential purposes. Suitable for moderate traffic areas in commercial settings.
  • This tile is frost resistance which means that it can be installed outdoors.
  • These tiles should be installed using a polymer-modified multi-purpose thin-set.
  • Mortar or Portland cement can be used as underlayment to correct an non leveled sub-floor.

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